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How do SalesPro.io processes work within our current sales process?

The SalesPro.io process seamlessly works with your established processes. This is because of our communications platform providing full transparency into the all activities through CRM. In addition, we use a Instant Messaging platform for fast, real-time communications.

How do we get started?

The SalesPro.io team is with you each step of the way to ensure your entire team gets off to a sound start. We use Asana as our project management system to ensure that all critical steps are completed in order and on time. We start each engagement with an in-depth immersion session to get familiar with your services, people and processes.

How do I select the SalesPro.io package that's best for our lead generation objectives?

The SalesPro.io packages are all based on total hours of services provided. Selecting the correct package is primarily determined by a few key factors: 1) size of your addressable market, 2) how many sales appointments you want to generate per month, 3) the complexity of sourcing your ideal buyer. Generally, smaller addressable markets or companies that want to give SalePro.io a try opt for the Bronze package. Most new clients seeking to increase sales appointments between 10 -12 per month tend to start with the Silver package initially and often move up to Gold to accelerate sales further. Based on learning more about your sales objectives our representative can advise you on the best package for you.

We have our own CRM; why do we need HubSpot CRM?

The SalesPro.io solution is built on Hubspot CRM. The CRM is free of charge and is yours to keep including all the data within it. Whilst running the SalesPro.io programme we need you to upgrade each Sales Person involved to a pro license so we can send and track messages. When the engagement finishes you can downgrade back to a free license.

Why do we need Sales Navigator premium account?

First, LinkedIn is THE place to connect with other companies and professionals with current membership over 500 million. By using LinkedIn Sales Navigator we are building your Lead base in LinkedIn and steadily growing your connections. The work we do for your team members in Navigator is kept separate from their LinkdeIn messaging.

What guarantee do we have that the SalesPro.io programme will be successful?

We guarantee that we will professionally deliver on all of our brand promises. You have the assurance of working directly with an organisation that has successfully managed hundreds of outreach programmes that have resulted in thousands of appointments. We don’t provide a guarantee of success, but we will address all of your questions during the sales process that will enable you to make a well-informed decision regarding working with SalesPro.io.

What happens if we run out of contacts from SalesPro.io research?

The SalesPro.io pricing plans are based primarily on the number of contacts we source and enrol in email messaging sequences each month. The number of contacts is determined by the size of your addressable market. We find that on average the addressable market size for our clients runs between 5,000 to 10,000. However, we often continue working with clients to continue with new campaigns to their database.

Is it possible to pause SalesPro.io and then resume using your service?

Most SalesPro.io clients prefer to maintain a continuous programme; however, it is possible to pause, or stop for a period of time, and resume without any penalty. However, we cannot guarantee the same SalesPro.io team members will be available to work your account as they may be deployed with another client.

Why is there a ramp-up period?

We manage your initial launch very carefully and find that a two to three ramp up period is helpful to ensure that your programme hit optimum performance. We start with smaller outreach in the ramp up to ensure that your team members understand and are comfortable with the programme processes. This is also a time to analyse the effectiveness of the messaging.

Does the SalesPro.io team make phones to prospects?

Yes we can do, to book in calls and explain the agenda of the first call or meeting. However, we act in a support role and do not position your solution with the prospect, we are purely looking to secure a call or meeting for you. We will ensure that the people on the call know what the call is about and what will be discussed.