Bounce back from the crisis..

..with’s specialised outsourced Lead Generation Team

We’re SPECIALISTS at running highly effective sales lead generation campaigns

In today’s challenging market, as we emerge from the crisis, competition is increasing and markets are more price sensitive.

It is more important than ever to be actively reaching out and talking to prospective buyers. Starting at £999 plus software costs,’s flexible Lite & Pro packages allow you to cautiously test out the market and then ramp up activity as you see an upswing in demand. We assign you a dedicated account manager, researcher and sales assistant to deliver a steady flow of quality leads with the option of an appointment setter allowing you to focus only on selling.

More time selling is key to securing revenue

Focusing on sales is more important than ever given the current market conditions

Don’t spend your valuable time working on tasks like researching prospects, LinkedIn & email outreach, follow up, appointment setting and updating CRM.

Hire a team of specialists to manage the daily heavy lifting required to fill the top of the funnel.  We will ensure you spend your time talking to people from an agreed target list who are looking forward to discussing your proposition on the first call.

Work with Specialists

Network Sunday, our parent company has managed large-scale lead generation programmes for over 700 salespeople since 2009.

We’ve learned that lead generation in today’s highly competitive and fast-changing market is a specialised part of the sales and marketing process that must be ongoing. A reliable ‘engine’ purring in the background if you like. is Network Sunday’s new brand for B2B companies targeting the SME sector, typically with large addressable markets. Our global workforce allows us to ‘resource up’ a dedicated team to fit all budgets.

Dedicated Sales Support Team

We dedicate a team of trained professionals to you.

They run your lead generation programme from strategy, to research, outreach, leads and appointments and pipeline reporting, nurturing prospects if required. Your team includes an account manager, copywriter, sales assistant, sales development representative, research quality manager, and researchers. It takes all of these team members working in close collaboration with your sales representatives to meet your pipeline objectives.

Bespoke Message Development

We take a bespoke approach to developing your campaign and follow-up messages to ensure that the message is relevant to your target market and that your value propositions align with their likely needs.

You benefit from the experience we’ve gained managing over a 1,000 campaigns. But, the key to developing impactful messages is the time we take to learn about your value proposition and most importantly collaborating with your team during the immersion and messaging development process and during the weekly reviews.

Meet with the RIGHT people

The simple fact is that finding the right contacts for your business is hard work.

We are experts at searching and finding contacts in LinkedIn and other databases that meet your specific prospect requirements. We follow a rigorous human research process that follows a series of rapid iteration tests. Data is delivered to you for approval, so all contacts being sourced are the right fit for your sales outreach.

Our goal is to deliver the highest possible quality data so that your sales representatives spend more of their time talking to the right people.

We are your Lead Generation Partner

Since we work closely with your sales team and your sales process, it's imperative to our mutual success that we work in a partnership relationship.

This means that we closely monitor the performance of all aspects of your programme and provide you with insights and recommendations to achieve your sales objectives.

Free Lead Generation Consultation

Arrange your free lead generation consultation now.

We’ll take you through a brief interview designed to identify your lead generation objectives, proposition, marketplace, target companies and contacts, sales process and more. Using our knowledge from running about a thousand campaigns since 2010, we will analyse this information and deliver a personalised lead generation strategy and high level plan, showing the scale of monthly outreach, expected number of leads and appointments (post ramp).